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faith_Hill_tim_mcgraw_jimmy_kimmelMany well known celebrities have called Nashvlle home, including Jimi Hendriks, Reese Witherspoon, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (Click Image For A Fun Video Featuring Faith Hill, Tim McGraw And Jimmy Kimmel). However one of Nashville’s most fascinating residents is truly larger than life. The Greek Goddess Athena.

Nashville is probably best known around the country as the Music City. But Nashville’s other nickname is “The Athens of the South”. Built in 1987 as part of the 1897 State Centennial, the Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the original marvel of classical architecture in Athens, Greece.
parthenon-jim-nixLook around you. Everywhere you look you will see buildings influenced by the Parthenon. Whether it’s your local courthouse or the Supreme Court Building you will see shadows cast by the design of the Parthenon. The most striking is probably the Lincoln Memorial.


lincoln_memorial_maritandtoomas_hinnosaarCentral to the Lincoln Memorial and the Parthenon are their imposing sculptures.

athena-randy-watsonThe statue of Athena at the Nashville Parthenon was modeled on the ori ginal. It is 42 feet tall and covered with over 8 lbs of gold. It weighs in at 12 tons and is the largest indoor sculpture in the western world. While it may be slightly larger than what a pair of All My Sons moving professionals are trained to handle, the care and caution are second nature to us.

Moving large and valuable items can be difficult, but the right skills, the right knowledge and the right equipment can make it a simple matter. Your precious heavy item might not be as tough to move as a massive statue like Nashville’s Athena, but it still takes heroic measures and great care. What does it take? The right knowledge. You want a trained mover. Do you want someone who offers you a flat rate after 5 questions to move your one of a kind piece of art ? Or a professional who asks the right questions and comes out to look it over if the answers don’t tell him enough. The right skills. You want a mover who uses trained professionals, not day laborers or college kids. Do you want your piano to be the first one these guys have moved ?

The right equipment. Does your piano need a special dolly ? Does your precious vase need to be crated ? Do you need a hoist or a lift?

Finally do you have the spirit of the Greek Heroes to do everything needed to get the job done. Here at AMS we do.

Video above courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Images courtesy of Jim Nix, Randy Watson and Marit & Toomas_Hinnosaar


Our Home

It’s Nashville’s golden hour. At least, that’s what Time magazine says about us. We at All My Sons Moving & Storage have noticed what the article did, more people are moving here from across the country than ever before. Nashville is where everyone wants to live. While it’s great to reap the fruits of the environment built here, most people don’t know what helped us get here.

People with good minds and determination are a dieing breed. With only democrat mayors since 1991, leadership has needed to be quite shrewd in the most republican state of the union. Current Mayor Carl Dean feels that our non-partisan elections are partially responsible for his success, but it’s easy looking back at the last quarter century to see what went right.

The South Central Bell Building (The Batman Building) is an easy landmark to be proud of, but it’s not the only business triumph in the last few decades. Las Vegas has been trying to attract a pro sports team for decades. They plan to build a stadium every few years, but it always falls through. Most cities in that position end up waiting for a very long time with no results.

When Nashville leadership wanted another sports team, they just made it happen for us. Building a stadium out of pocket and giving it to the titans, with few restrictions made the choice simple for them. We got the Predators, Venom, and Nashville FC too.

In addition to sports and business, the core of our success is the culture here. This is a place where anyone can come and be impressed while still felling welcome, like they’re part of the wonder. As a family owned moving company, it especially resonates with us.

The takeaway here is, enjoy it. We live in the best place on earth at one of its brightest moments.

Vanderbilt sits two wins away from bringing the university and the city of Nashville it’s first men’s national title in the schools 120 year history of collegiate athletics.

Tim Corbin, the teams Head Coach, took over the program in 2003 with the hopes of getting them moving in the right direction. In his first year in Nashville he brought the team back to the SEC tournament. Last Friday Corbin’s boys moved themselves into the championship by defeating the University of Texas 4-3 in 10 innings. Vandy will now play Virginia in a best-of-3 series in order to determine baseballs champion.

While Vandy has had a lot of success in the last decade under Corbin, they were not expected to be where they are, but the team had hope. The Commodores could have been at the CWS for an extended weekend, or they could be where they are at – a two week journey that has brought these young men to the cusp of immortalizing themselves in Vanderbilt history. The team packed accordingly and planned to make a home in Omaha.

We here at All My Sons Nashville are proud to see how Vanderbilt has moved themselves into becoming one of college baseball’s great teams. We, and the rest of the city, wish them the best of luck over their next few games and hope to see them bring the trophy back home to Nashville.

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Your Nashville movers are getting our headquarters ready for our close up as Nashville officials are discussing the possibility of hiring a firm that specializes in aerial photography to take some flyover shots of our city. Among other advantages, updated aerial photography of Nashville will lend heightened efficiency to emergency workers conducting searches for accident or crime scenes. Updated flyover shots of the city will also help your Nashville movers locate addresses that may not currently be featured in the most up-to-date aerials.

Your Nashville movers want to spread the word about the recently-announced extra prize that St. Jude’s Dream Home campaign will give away via drawing. The deadline for purchasing your ticket for entry in the prize drawing is midnight TONIGHT! The extra prize is one that literally anybody will be ecstatic to win, a year’s supply of free gas!

St. Jude has even more prizes to be won during this year’s Dream Home Giveaway, and your Nashville local movers encourage you to visit the Dream Home this weekend to support this very worthy cause (who knows? You may just win a year’s supply of gas!)

Your local movers have to give some recognition to the incredible fire fighters here in Nashville! Yesterday morning, an unattended stovetop caused a fire at Altamonte Pointe Apartments. Fire fighters arrived on the scene at 9:30 to smoke billowing from one of the apartment buildings. Rescue efforts included evacuating residents via ladder from balconies as smoke filled several of the units making exit through the front doors impossible. Zero injuries were reported from the fiasco which could have ended terribly, and all thanks to our brave fire crews in Nashville! Red Cross is currently aiding those who were rendered temporarily homeless after the fire. Smoke detectors in the apartment complex will be inspected to ensure proper functionality. Currently, there is no word on whether faulty smoke alarms were to blame for the accident.

Your Nashville professional movers are excited about today’s St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway ticket sale launch! Nashville residents you can contribute to this worthy charity by purchasing a ticket to win this year’s Dream Home. The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been saving children’s lives for over 50 years now, and your residential movers in Nashville are a proud supporter of St. Jude. Whether you win the lavish Dream Home or not, the reward of knowing your contribution is helping to make a big difference in the lives of children who need it most makes attendance to today’s event worthwhile. The happenings begin today at 10:00am at Harris Teeter in the Westhaven Community. The address is 411 Whitman Rd. in Franklin, your Nashville relocation specialists hope to see you there!



In strong attempts to breathe new life into Nashville’s downtown retail scene, city planners have been working alongside Seattle-local, Midge McCauley. McCauley has a good reputation for handling revivals similar to our current downtown retail restoration project. According to McCauley, we should expect a five to ten year wait before retail stores begin to flourish again in Nashville. Currently, the downtown Nashville area tends to appeal solely to tourists, which is not sufficient according to experts. Retailers such as the urban clothing store, Bullets & Mullets, are few and far between in downtown Nashville, while new restaurant openings in downtown out number new retail shops five to two. It is obvious that Nashville needs more retailers to move in and set up shop in downtown, which has not yet happened, but the ongoing addition of new restaurants in the area do follow a typical pattern which, according to experts, be followed by a burst of retail developments. Your Nashville movers agree that, as the heart of our city, the downtown area must improve, and we’re ecstatic that the city’s decision-makers are moving in the right direction for success! Also, your relocation service providers are looking forward to the commercial moving needs that will surely follow Nashville’s upcoming retail surge.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a reality television series providing home renovations for underprivileged families, announced that they will air their final episode on January 13th. Over the past nine seasons, Ty Pennington and his team of makeover experts triumphed in improving the lives of different families and communities across the country. In 2005, the show was a huge hit with nearly 25 million viewers. However, over the years, the amount dwindled to a now 4 million, which is the key source behind the cancellation. Your Nashville moving professionals, who are active viewers of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show, want to thank Ty Pennington and his team for the tear jerker moments and the life changing stories they have shared with us over the years.

“I believe the spirit of what we have done across the country for over 200 families will continue to inspire,”—Ty Pennington

For retirees on the move, Clarksville is one of Tennessee’s top destinations. Despite the still-standing nineteenth century architecture, the city Clarksville still displays modern ingenuity where it counts. The Gateway Medical Center is a prime example of Clarksville’s progressive edge as the facility specializes in several medical practices such as cardiology. The arts are another prime focus in Clarksville, and the local Austin Peay State University is renowned for artistic and imaginative excellence.

Clarksville is also a great place for spending the day outdoors. The Cumberland River helps the countless trails and parks make Clarksville a beautiful place; no wonder so many families, students and retirees make the move to Clarksville. The low cost of living is another big factor, moving to Clarksville one can easily acquire a roomy new home for under 150 thousand dollars. Furthermore, there are no state taxes collected on salaries, wages, IRAs, Social Security or pension earnings. Your Nashville movers can attest, relocating to Clarksville is a good move!