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Nashville Movers Anticipate iPad2 Release

Contrary to recent rumors suggesting that the much anticipated iPad2’s release date will be delayed, apparently we will be seeing the new Apple iPad2 in as soon as a week! Not much is widely known about the new specs, but the new iPad2 will surely be a crowd pleaser as it’s not Apple’s nature to disappoint. It has been said, among other things, that the iPad will be slimmer and more lightweight than its predecessor. Talks of a forward facing camera for facetime activity have surfaced, as well as talk of a much improved, retina display style – similar to the iPhone4 – being a new feature for the iPad. Your Nashville area mover cannot deny excitement for the new iPad, we currently utilize several iPads and they are both extremely useful and also a lot of fun! Just days away from the arrival of several other tablet PCs, Apple will surely have their competition cut out for them; the battle of the tablet bulge is officially upon us!

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