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Rethink Your Pre-Nashville Move Garage Sale?

I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am part of a vast majority of people who loathe the thought of posting up all day in the drive way for a pre-moving garage sale. Garage sales and yard sales made perfect sense back in the ‘80s and early 90’s, but it is 2011 now; there is a much easier and more sensible way to do just about anything these days, garage sales included.
Moving has always been commonly prefaced with a sale of no-longer-needed goods; one man’s garbage is another mans treasure, and moving in Nashville is a very ideal time to cash in “garbage” for sure. Fortunately, the days of spending hours on your front porch waiting for your unwanted belongings to sell are over thanks to the Internet! If you’ve spent the last several years living under a rock, you are probably still familiar with websites such as craigslist and EBay; these are outlets to serious buyers, as opposed to the boredom-stricken individuals attracted to infest your lawn and driveway when you hold a traditional on-site garage sale. Think of the advantages here! No need to set up displays of your belongings, nor is there a need to spend an entire day posted up at home hoping your goods will sell. Furthermore; you have the advantage of typing up a sales pitch for each individual item that you wish to sell off; snap a quick picture, type up an appealing description, then just set it and forget it! You would be pleasantly surprised by the number of interested buyers your online postings are capable of bringing to you. And while news of a garage sale is limited to spreading only throughout your local area, since nobody has to drive anywhere to surf the web your postings reach a much larger audience which benefits you in multiple ways! If you are moving in Nashville, a pre-move sale is definitely a smart idea. Why not be smart the smart way, and host your “garage sale” online? I can’t think of a single down side, can you?

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